#FOAMED Innovation Scholarship! Apply now!

 Ever had a brilliant #FOAMED idea to make the world a better place, but just needed a little bit of cash to make it happen?  No?  Well, how about a marginal idea?  Yes?  Great!  We want to support it.

We’re creating a #FOAMED Innovation Scholarship to facilitate and help you out if you’re idea rich, but $$ strapped.  This is really designed for all the brilliant and creative med students and resource limited providers out there.  We know that 99% of the time a great #FOAMED project really just requires sweat equity and the generous sharing of your knowledge.  But we think the other 1% is valuable.  The 1% that just requires a little monetary support to get off the ground.

We’ll explain a little more (like how it’ll be funded) next week in the Weingart IVC response.  Hang on for that.
In the meantime, apply here, watch old episodes, download and read the ibooks, and start dreaming of ways to contribute!

Register: www.castlefest2014.com

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