RUSH Part 2 with Scott Weingart. The Summer of the Resuscitationist continues! #foamed

Ok, so you noticed we ended RUSH a bit early on part 1.

We only made it through the H in HIMAP, but that was by design.  You get SOOO much information from the heart part of the RUSH that is deserves its own podcast.

Well, here’s your IMAP.

The rest of the great RUSH talk that Dr. Weingart gave at Castlefest 2013 is here.
If you want to come discuss and learn hands on with Dr. Weingart next year at Castlefest then go to  Registration is open.
Also, keep watching here.  We’ve got plenty more critical care ultrasound for you.  The summer may be winding down, but our Summer of the Resusciationist is just getting started.  Plenty more where this came from.

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