Interview for Canadian Ultrasound Symposium this weekend. #foamed

 Don’t worry, the Summer of the Resuscitationist is not over.

RUSH part 2 with Weingart will be released next week and there’s more fluid responsiveness and other critical care ultrasound coming up.  This is just a quick break.
 These podcasts have been so INTENSE that we know you need a break.  Consider this a “palette cleanser”.  This will allow you to fully appreciate all the subtle flavors of RUSH part 2 next week.
This is an interview we were asked to give for an incredible Canadian event happening this weekend.  You can find out more about it here.  And trust me, the event itself is definitely higher quality than our interview.  They’ve got speakers much better than us there……actual Canadians!
We also have a little video at the end to show you what you missed at Alaskafest.  Seriously, it was a great time and we met incredibly people there.  We hope to you see you guys again soon.

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