It’s time to earn your vaginal stripes! #foamed Confused? Listen to Cliff Reid’s amazing EFAST talk for clarification.

Yes, you probably guessed it from the opening sentence, this talk is by Cliff Reid……and off the charts.

EFAST is probably a pretty standard scan that most of you listening to this already perform.  However, even if you’ve heard a thousand EFAST talks it’s worth listening to this one by Cliff Reid for comments like “It’s time to earn your vaginal stripes”.

Now, we honestly didn’t want to lose our “family friendly” rating on iTunes so we may have edited his talk/slides a teeny tiny bit.  But not much.  You can’t cage that tiger!

Also, in case you hadn’t heard it Scott (@emcrit) and Laleh (@sonospot) also covered this same topic over at just yesterday!  So go over and check that out.

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