EGLS (Echo Guided Life Support) with @egls_jfandmax #foamed

Everyone knows what the RUSH protocol is.
What, you just emerged from your Soviet-era bunker and don’t know?  Well, that’s fine.
 We’ll be having Scott Weingart himself teaching it to you on the podcast in a couple weeks.
For everyone else, though, like I said, you know the RUSH protocol.  It’s an incredible tool for assessing the undifferentiated hypotensive patient.  However, it’s not the only protocol.  We think it’s OK to just memorize one of them, but we also think this is such a critical topic that it’s nice to get other perspectives and to look at this topic from multiple angles.
So we’ve got a French Canadian angle for you.  I’m sure you’ve heard of EGLS (echo guided life support) and the brilliant creators of said protocol Maxime Valois and Jean-Francois Lanctot (don’t worry if you can’t pronounce, we’ll do it flawlessly in the podcast).
They were kind of enough to explain in great detail and run us through the algorithm they created.  And if you don’t get it perfectly, check out their app, EGLS, that will remind you at the bedside exactly how to do it.
These guys epitomize the resuscitation and we’re pumped to have them on during our Summer of the Resuscitationist series.

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