eBook UNIVERSALLY Available: Inkling.com…and Some Ultrasound Guided LP Talk. #foamed

You heard us right, now you can get the Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound and take advantage of all its glorious interactivity on any computer or device with a web browser. It’s on www.inkling.com, and you can get the whole thing or just chapters.  When we heard about the platform, inkling, we knew we had to convert the book, but it’s taken a while since we had to hire someone to code the whole thing into HTML.  It’s finally finished, though, so go check it out.  You can view the book and all the videos/content on your computer, and they also have an iPhone app that is pretty beautiful, so you could now have the entire book in your pocket.  They’re working on an android app, but you can still consume the book on your android phone just by using your web browser (we love android folks too…).
And oh yeah, we’ve got an LP microcast for you here.  We’ve been asked about this several times, so we went ahead and created a little tutorial for you.  Not a ton of the evidence and other stuff we usually go into.  You can look that up yourself, but just straight to it….how to do it.
We hope you enjoy!
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