Ultimate Ultrasound Nerve Block Education with Stone…and a big announcement about The Ultrasound Leadership Academy!

 So, you probably know what nerve blocks are and you’re excited about learning how to better take care of your patients with them.  You probably don’t know what The Ultrasound Leadership Academy (ULA) is, though, because no one does.  It’s brand spankin’ new and you’ll have to listen in to find out more.  If you like what you hear and want to participate, then go over to the G+ page here….and apply.  We’ll only be accepting a few fellows, though.  It’s not for everyone.  Our hope is that it’s a solution to a problem that we can solve, for a few people.  Listen for more…..
As for the nerve block part, this is our first HD episode released from Castlefest, and we’re pumped to bring you the master of all things nerve block, Mike Stone.  There will be more nerve block episodes coming up and all kinds of amazing things that you can’t even imagine at this point, and words can’t describe.  Stay tuned!