Microcast: Peripheral IV placement…..Ultrasound Guided of Course

Put down that central line kit!!
Now, sure, we were just showing you a couple days ago how to put in an ultrasound guided central line, but it’s usually not necessary.  At Thomas Jefferson they did a study where they tried an US guided PIV on every patient they couldn’t get access on just before placing a central line…….and they eliminated 85% of those central lines!  This is your chance to be a hero.  No one can get the IV, so you swoop in with your trusty ultrasound machine and save the day.
If you want lots more info on this check out our recent lectures we posted on youtube of an USGPIV course we put on.  Or if you want it in an even shorter form, then get the One Minute Ultrasound app where we demonstrate it in < 60 sec.
I promise, this is something you’re gonna love doing…..and your patients will love you as well.
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