Lung Ultrasound Part 1- YOU should be doing this! Your patients deserve it. #FOAMED

Last week Stone dropped some super hot innovation on you with the WIN episode.  This week, we’re going old school and talking lung ultrasound.  OK, so maybe lung ultrasound isn’t old school.  You may have never ultrasounded the lungs before other than pneumothorax, but that’s not due to lack of evidence.  If you’ve been following us on twitter (@ultrasoundpod), then you’ve seen some of the really cool lung clips of the day and a few lung ultrasound evidence links.  Now it’s time to take it to the next level and teach you how to produce these clips yourself!
Speaking of evidence and literature it pains us to admit how far ahead the French and Italians are in lung ultrasound, but we can’t ignore it any longer.  If you have any national pride, you’ll learn this and catch up with the Europeans!  Thankfully, they’ve already done the hard work and shown us this works.  So all we have to do is cheat off their work, read their studies, and apply it to our patients.  It’s not the easiest ultrasound ever…..but it’s also not the hardest.  Over the next few weeks we’re gonna convince you of that.  So open your mind and prepare to have it blown by Stone.
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