Microcast: IJ placement

Do you like sticking needles in large veins?

Do you like watching the needle go into the vein and doing it safely?

 If so, then here you go.  No frills, just how to.

For some reason we’ve been mistaken as experts and asked to make some instructional videos for the Roberts & Hedges Online videos.  So we’re gonna release those to you as we finish them as “microcasts”.  Now why are we calling them “microcasts” instead of Little Itty Bitties?  No reason.  Mainly just to confuse you.  We may even change our mind partly through and start calling them ultrasmallsounds or FASTcasts.
No commentary from us or back and forth on these.  No wisecracks, nonsense, or other such horseplay.  You have to put up with that on all our other podcasts, so here’s your chance to just sit back, relax, and learn.  We’ll also post on youtube, GMEP, and as many other places as we can so you can find easily anytime and refer to if needed.
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