Episode 42 – Interview with Dean Richard Hoppmann: SUS who? SUSME!

Alright, so you’re almost ready to really push for ultrasound integration in your medical school, but you just wish that you could hear from someone who is the dean of a medical school that has done this for years and just happens to have founded an organization dedicated to ultrasound in medical education.
Well, we anticipated that you’d desire such a thing and have taken measures.
This podcast we have Dean Richard Hoppmann, founder of SUSME, and ultrasound champion on the podcast to discuss.  We’ll ask him about his experiences integrating ultrasound into the medical school curriculum in South Carolina, what SUSME has planned for 2013, and how to best potty train a house cat.
p.s. – Did you all hear that 2013 was “The Year of Ultrasound”?