Little Itty Bitty 1 – Ultrasound-Guided Intubation

What could be more exciting than combining ultrasound and airway?!?!

Ok, ok, so you can think of a thousand things.  But if you don’t count anything related to sports, politics, sex, religion, music, poetry, or gangnam style music videos then there’s only a hundred or so.

Recently you may have heard The Master of the Critical Care Universe, Scott Weingart put out an episode on The Post Intubation Package.  In this episode he briefly mentions using ultrasound during your intubation and commented that he was sure we would post something on this.  Our first thought was, “Come on Scott!  We’re busy.  We’re “authors” now, not just some clowns you can suggest something to who will reflexively do it.”  Then we realized that we’re “authors” AND still clowns that you can just suggest something to who will reflexively do it.  So we decided to record our first Ultrasound Podcast Little Itty Bittytm (not to be confused with the EMCRIT Wee).  Same concept, just not similar enough for a copyright lawsuit:  very short instructional episode covering a focused topic.  But then we got excited and it ended up turning into pretty much a full episode close to 20 min.  We decided that we would still call it a “Little Itty Bitty”……mainly because it was easier than editing that part out of the podcast.  Look for future Little Itty Bitty’s in the future, though.


p.s. – not sure if we told you, but the iBook is out……