iBook update: numbering, retina, and iPad mini optimization!….soon

Yes, we know….the image numbering from chapter 6 on got screwed up during publication.  We submitted an update to fix this last week, but it still has not been pushed out by Apple yet.  It’s coming soon, though.  Even with that SNAFU you’ve given it 100% 5 star ratings in the U.S. iTunes store.  Thanks for focusing on the content, instead of minor typos!

There seem to be some glitches between iBooks Author finalization and publication, so please let us know if you find anything else.  There were also a couple typos such as calling something on the left right.  We never were good at telling our right from left (shouldn’t have skipped that day in Kindergarten).
Lastly, the update will also be optimized for the retina display and the iPad mini.  Again, we appreciate the amazing iTunes reviews.  Thank you!