Episode 37 – Haney Mallemat Interview

In this interview by The Man, Mike Stone, Haney Mallemat gets asked the hard hitting questions that everyone wants to know but is too afraid to ask like:  “Tell us about yourself”, “How’d you get started in Critical Care Ultrasound”, and “What’s your opinion on….”.  They don’t call him Mike “the stones” Stone for nothing.  They discuss some even hotter topics such as Fluid Responsiveness and the future of Critical Care Ultrasound.  More importantly, if you ever wanted a face to put with the prolific twitter feed @criticalcarenow, this is your chance.  Follow him for more goodness, and while you’re at….follow us at @ultrasoundpod and follow Mike Stone at @bedsidesono.  Enjoy!


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  • Casey

    October 26, 2012, 3:53 am

    A few great learning points here:
    (1) IVC and FR : maybe it aint as great as we thought? I still think it is nice to do and use as the floor – if totally flat give more fluids – no needles involved so little to lose.
    We need a proper study

    (2) Barbara Streisand sang at Matt and Mikes wedding – I had no idea you guys were such a big deal over there –