Episode 29 – Ultrasound Guided Nerve Blocks Part 1

Well this isn’t the first podcast we’ve done on US guided blocks, but it’s the first ever nerve block podcast in the history of mankind to feature so much Mikeness.  We promised you big Mikes this month, and now we’re gonna deliver.

Mike Stone, “The Block Boss” joins us in this episode to chat about ultrasound guided nerve blocks.  Mike has done somewhere around a gagillion ultrasound guided blocks, so we basically just pick his brain and try to extract as many morsels for you good people as we can.  Enjoy!!

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  2. Small question on blocks. When you are using a spinal needle as a long infiltration needle, do you pull the stylet before using it? I had read for LP purposes that the stylet was important to prevent pushing a skin plug deep into the tissue (with subsequent increased risk of abscess formation). Clearly that is a scarier possibility with spinal access, but is it not an issue with a nerve block? I could do nerve blocks with the needle/stylet, then pull the stylet and hook up the syringe, but i’d rather not as means i would need to let go of the ultrasound for a minute or would need a second person. thanks in advance–