Episode 26 – Ocular Ultrasound with Chris Fox

So we just finished maybe the most amazing week of our lives (besides our wedding and babies’ birth – We love you wives if you’re reading this!)  Castlefest is over, and we’ve got some special Castlefest footage for you.  Chris Fox is coming into your earbuds this month to teach you about Ocular ultrasound.  And yes, I know Castlefest has just ended, but we don’t like to live in the past.

…We’ve got a special announcement today… ALASKAFEST 2012!  I’d tell you about it right now, but why don’t you just watch the episode and we explain everything fully at the end.  We’ve got room for about 1/4th (25% in old money) of the people we had at Castlefest, so don’t get mad at us if it’s full.  Registration is open now.

p.s. – audio for this episode isn’t perfect as it’s recorded from a lapel mic at Castlefest, but it’s Chris Fox people, so quit your complaining…….