Episode 05 – Interview with Vicki Noble MD/Using Ultrasound for Hernias

Ok Kids, today we’ve got a twofer for you.

We recently had the pleasure of conducting an interview with Dr. Vicki Noble.  Yes, that Vicki Noble; the current chair of the ultrasound section of ACEP.

More info about Dr. Noble (as taken from ReachMD):

Dr. Vicki E. Noble practices emergency medicine at Massachusetts General Hospital, where she is the division director for Emergency Ultrasound. Dr. Noble received her medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, and completed a fellowship in emergency ultrasound at St.Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital in New York. Dr. Noble is certified as a registered diagnostic medical sonographer, a fellow of the Amercian College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP), and the chair councilor for the ultrasound section within ACEP. She has been nominated for the Harvard University Medical School Teaching Award and the Brian McGovern Award for Clinical Excellence at Massachusetts General Hospital. She has taught extensively in emergency ultrasound both in the United States and internationally.

In this podcast…

We get the inside scoop as Dr. Noble talks extensively about the upcoming happenings in the ultrasound section of ACEP including exciting online changes as well as an October meeting.  One of our favorite things to ask folks during interviews is what ultrasound techniques they get excited about.  Vicki speaks about a recent use of ultrasound to locate a hernia.  Sooooo, as a bonus, we’ve added  some extra info on using ultrasound to diagnose hernias.

This is definitely a podcast you don’t want to miss.  Heck, we’ve even slapped some bloopers onto the end.  Every second of this one is chock full of yummy ultrasound goodness. So watch it, download it, give us some feedback, and use the knowledge to go farther in your practice.

BONUS… You don’t want to miss this

OK, guys.  You’re definitely going to want to keep it here.  In the next few days, keeping in line with our hernia discussion, we’re releasing a hernia case study.  We’re having a very special guest help with this discussion.  His name is Arnold and he used to “Terminate“.  You are NOT going to want to miss this.