TEE part 2 with @arntfield. #foamed. Also, EDECMO lab by @drbellezzo, @zackshiner, and @emcrit at www.castlefest2015.com

OK, so here it is.

Rob’s gonna show us exactly how to do this.  How to take those 800 normal TEE views and distill it down into a few key views.  We know you aren’t doing this yet, but we think it’s coming.  Just a matter of time.  Get ahead of the curve.
And yes, you read the title right.  The EDECMO folks, Shiner, Bellezzo, and Weingart will be teaching an ECMO lab at Castlefest.  Sure, it’s not really an “ultrasound procedure”, but we’re obsessed with this cutting edge, futuristic technique of saving lives that couldn’t be saved otherwise.  So we convinced them to come out to Castlefest, mainly so we could learn it from them, but if you’re coming, you may as well learn as well.  We’re super pumped about this!  You can sign up on the Castlefest website now.  Oh yeah, Rob will be there again teaching TEE.  We’ll run some ultimate simulations with ECMO, TEE, and all kinds of things that make us as excited as a tick on a fat dog.
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Bedside TEE with @arntfield Part 1.  Yes, you heard right.  Point of care providers doing TEE.  It just got real.  #foamed

At Castlefest 2014, Rob Arntfield blew our minds with his point of care TEE talk.  He showed us why and how we could and should be doing point of care TEE.  Then we all practiced on simulators.  It was a phenomenal experience, and he’s agreed to come back in 2015 and do it all again.  So if you haven’t signed up, do that NOW!
However, we think this is too important to just teach to Castlefestians, so we want to #foamed it out to all of you.  The truth is, this isn’t the hardest thing in the world to do.  It sounds scarier than it really is.  If you can get your hands on a simulator to practice, you can totally learn this……probably more quickly than TTE.  That’s the experience of most people who do this.  The windows are really much easier.
We’ll be getting part 2 out to you very soon.  In the meantime if you want to read more, then pick up Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound that has a chapter on this written by the man himself, Robert T. Arntfield.  Or hangout with him as part of the Ultrasound Leadership Academy or come practice with him and us at Castlefest.
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Cardiac valve assessment part 2 with @arntfield. GE Vscan dual probe machine update. #foamed

 What?!?!  Why is there a company mentioned in this episode!?!?  Have Mike and Matt sold out?  No, we take nothing from GE or any other company, but we’re excited about this new machine, and while we hesitated at first, we realized that this is important to our listeners and we decided to talk about it.
Now, for the education.  This is the second part of the valvular assessment talk done by Rob Arntfield at Castlefest last year.  He’s coming back this year and will be teaching valves again at Castlefest, so sign up now.  No reason to wait for some awesome education, though.  Learn now, start practicing, and then when you’re scanning with Arntfield at Castlefest then you’ll already know what you’re doing and can focus on the advanced stuff.  For now, let’s keep talking about the basics.
Lastly, the ebooks are free on itunes this weekend (Friday and Saturday 6/20-21).  We got another request from medical students for this weekend, and we find it impossible to say no.  You may as well take advantage.
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Ultrasound of Valves Part 1 with @arntfield, ultrasound in Brazil with @developingem, and Castlefest update…..action packed! #foamed

OK, lots of stuff packed into this episode.  A couple quick updates.  First off, if you want to learn ultrasound with us in September in Brazil, then go to www.developingem.com and register for this amazing course.
As for Castlefest, we didn’t tell you yet who was going to be there, but it’s all set now.  How does this sound:
  • Weingart
  • Mallemat
  • Stone
  • Noble
  • Arntfield
  • Laleh
  • Sloas
  • Muhr
  • Goodman
  • Jean-Francois
  • Maxime
  • and others!!

Ridiculous lineup!  Go register now at www.castlefest2015.com.

Now, for the meat of the podcast.  You may have NEVER even thought about looking at cardiac valves.  Maybe you thought this was beyond your scope.  Well, it’s time to expand your scope and skills.  This is a basic lecture.  We’re not going to get crazy on you.  Just the basics.  Just the can’t miss diagnoses.  If you listen and still think valves aren’t for you……fine.  But give it a listen.  We think Robert T Arntfield will change your mind.
Also, we almost forgot……One Minute Ultrasound is NOW AVAILABLE on Android.  It’s free just like the iOS version.  One more thing.  Introduction to Bedside Ultrasound is free for a couple days.  Some medical students from UCI wanted to load up some iPads to use for teaching on a mission trip, so we made it free for them, but you all get to benefit as well.  Download quickly!
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Multi-Organ US for PE. Castlefest 2015 registration open…..last year EVER! #FOAMED

We’ve been watching, and you all order a lot of CTs for PE.  If the patient needs a CTA fine……but maybe they don’t need it as often as you think.  There may be a better way.  We’ve got some hot new evidence for you that could be huge for your patients who may have a PE.  Now it requires being a doctor, doing some thinking, and obviously using sound waves, but we know you.  This is right up your alley.  So listen in, read up, and then give it a shot.
Also, it’s only been a couple months since Castlefest, but the castle is for sale (seriously), and it looks like this will be the last year for Castlefest.  So we’re opening it up early.  We’re slashing the number of registrants we’re taking this year as we really want to control it and make it an unbelievable educational experience this last time.  We’re getting it out to you early because it’s the podcast listeners who we really want there.  We’ll announce the instructors later, but if you’ve been before, then you can probably guess who will be there.

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