Lung Ultrasound Journal Club part 2 with @nobleultrasound, @aliteplo, @poppaspearls, and author Christian Laursen.  #foamed

We know it’s been an agonizing several days waiting for part 2, but the wait is over!  The conclusion to the longest journal club ever is here.  You thought we couldn’t drag it out any more didn’t you!
Yes, these are a bit longer than the normal 20 minute podcasts, but it’s worth it.  We’ve got some really smart people here, and we think you should hear what they have to say.
If you missed the first episode, STOP what you’re doing.  Check out Lung Ultrasound Journal Club Part 1 here.  And if you’re totally lost, we’re talking about this article:
Coming up next, we’re getting in the way back machine and going back to the first podcast we ever did, appendicitis.  A lot has changed in the 3+ years (wow, we’ve been doing this for 3+ years!) since we did that first podcast.  Plus, we’ve met lots of people much smarter than us to talk about and demonstrate how to do it.  So we’re taking advantage.  Chris Muhr, Jesper Danielson, and Martin Bergman, the Super Swedes from……..well, Sweden, will be joining us.  See you then!
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Lung US Journal Club Part 1 with @nobleultrasound and @aliteplo.  #foamed.  Lancet article discussed with first author, Christian Laursen. 

The title is a mouth full and when you read it it’s definitely a brain full.  This is an incredible study with some incredible results.  If you just read the abstract you see that the correct diagnosis is made 88% of the time within 4 hours with ultrasound used and only 63% without ultrasound.  BIG WIN!
However, when you read the paper, you notice some very head-scratching things.  There may be trends towards more diagnostic testing, more treatment, and possibly increased mortality and morbidity when ultrasound is used.  So a lot of people have talked about this and wondered if it was real.
Well, we wanted to dive even deeper and talk with the author of the paper.  Let’s dissect the paper and discuss what wasn’t in it.  What are we missing?
Luckily, Vicki Noble and Andrew Liteplo have helped us out.  Here is the fruit of our labor……actually the first part of the fruit of our labor.  We’ll harvest the rest of the fruit for you in just a few days.  Patience…..
One other reminder.  If you haven’t commented on or rated the podcast, please do, but only if it’s positive and you can give us 5 stars.  Email us if you can’t give us a 5 and we’ll try to do better.  It takes you <60sec and REALLY helps us.  DO IT NOW.
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Intussusception part 2 with @pemedpocast.  Also, more info on  #foamed 

Have you been scanning some little bellies for turducken?  We sure hope so.  If you’ve waiting to hear from the man, Andy Sloas, before diving in, then the wait’s over.  Here he is for Intussusception Part 2.  He does this all the time and is a scanning maniac.  Like Russ, he knows his stuff.
Last week we mentioned in the show notes that we’d be doing some teaching the week before SMACC in one of the most beautiful places on earth, Jackson Hole, WY.  We’ll tell you a little more about it in this podcast.  People are already registered, though, so you better get on it.  Register NOW.  While you’re at it, go ahead and register for SMACC also……actually, I just noticed registration for that isn’t open until November.  Well, put it on your to do list.  They’re both going to be amazing educational experiences.
Lastly, we told you about our Course in a Box concept last week on the podcast, but we didn’t mention where that was.  You can find a link on the homepage of the podcast now, so go check it out.
Next podcast:  Lung ultrasound.  Does it lead to over-testing or is it an absolute must for anyone with respiratory distress.  We’ll hash that out with some super smart people.
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Intuss with Russ!  Let’s talk about ultrasound for intussusception.  Also, want to learn ultrasound in Yellowstone?  #foamed

You’ve got a little bugger with belly pain and they may have intussusception…..or they could just have gastro.  How to know?  Well, this isn’t the xray podcast.  Of course, you’re going to ultrasound them.  Or if you’re not, watch this and hopefully you will afterwards.

Turns out ultrasound for intussusception isn’t that difficult.  There’s pretty good research on point of care providers doing it, and we’ve got Russ Horowitz from the University of Chicago on to show you how.

Also, we’re teaming up with Rich Levitan in Jackson Hole, WY at Jackson Lake Lodge next year to put on an ultrasound course at the same time as his airway course.  It’s an incredible place, and it’ll be an incredible course!  Register and find out at  It’s the week before SMACC next year, so a perfect bonus course if you happen to be over here anyway.  Of course, if you’re a member of the Ultrasound Leadership Academy, this course is included in the Academy.  See you there!


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 TEE part 3, new resus project with @emcrit and @criticalcarenow, and new joke of the week! #foamed 

WOW, lots going on here.  Would give you a long description of each……but why don’t you just listen.  I’ll sum it up.
1.  TEE Finale:  This is it.  Done with TEE.  Mike describes how exactly to get started using this with a lecture straight from The Ultrasound Leadership Academy.
2.  Resuscitation Leadership Academy:  This is a project we’ve been working on with Scott Weingart and Haney Mallemat that we’re SUPER excited about.
3.  Joke of the week:  Not many people know Jody, but those who do know him understand how valuable a part of the podcast he is.  He edits, fixes things, does IT stuff…..and make us laugh (most important).  So we’re gonna start sharing him with you via a random, ridiculous joke at the end of each podcast.  Waste of your time?  Well, then just cut off before then and go do something “more important” than laugh.
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